Participation of Civil Society

To address the citizens and their members of parliament legitimate concerns and needs to be provided with transparent and up to date information on the CDFTA draft, the Tunisian government privileges an open and transparent dialogue with the civil society. This dialogue should create the opportunity to inform the Tunisian citizens and provide them with the opportunity to share their ideas, make their contributions and use their skills.

The Tunisian government, conscious of the great role played by the civil society and stakeholders mobilization, has made through its Management by Objective Unit devoted to this CDFTA (UGPO/DCFTA) consultation its priority to meet the citizens’ expectations and the stakeholders’ practices, and to make of this negotiated draft DCFTA agreement a success.

This consultation revolves around a participatory mechanism making use of all the components of administration and civil society, including a parliamentary committee established to monitor the bilateral relations between the EU and Tunisia, to ensure the plurality of contributions and expertise, and to promote an inclusive policy:

Opportunities for privileged meetings

  • Debates, participatory and decentralized sectoral workshops to present the project and to receive the civil society feedback and contributions.
  • Citizen panels to be consulted in parallel
  • Synthesis meetings in the outcome of negotiation rounds with the EU

Regular contributions of civil society experts

  • Two advisory boards composed of academics, leading trading experts in the field of DCFTA and negotiations, representatives of professional organizations and trade unions, and other civil society organisations.
  • Experts closely working with working groups

A permanent communication platform

A website that allows people:

  • To find basic, relevant and up-to-date about the Draft DCFTA,
  • To take a position thanks to the different speakers’ verbal statements whereby they express their views for or against this draft agreement.
  • To deepen their knowledge about the subject, thanks to a platform of expert views, positions and arguments
  • To follow up the news and  the course of the different rounds of negotiations that are posted in complete transparency

Representatives of Civil Society

Sectors and topics that sometimes require deeper thinking and discussion than that possible on a website will be the subject of  thematic meetings bringing together  stakeholders and senior experts. Some experts representatives of the civil society will be actively involved.

The CSO mobilized for the DCFTA will also be an excellent source of information on.

  • Do you want to ask a precise question about the Draft DCFTA ?
  • Do you represent civil society organization and you would like it to be listed on the DCFTA website?
  • Do you want to be informed of the latest news of the Draft DCFTA ?